lördag 25 juli 2015

Om socialisten Anders Forss


Anders Forss - President & Chief Executive Officer

Mottot ...

"The secret of a successful tomorrow is hidden in the decisions you make today "

Definitions of Tax planning vs. Tax Crimes

Tax planning or tax minimization is the normal and sensible action to take in order to arrange your business and financial affairs in such a way that you only pay the minimum amount of tax required by law. In its true and noble form it is legal at all times. Until just recently the term tax avoidance could also be used to describe this legal activity.

In Jukana a range of professionals experienced in law, financial markets, international taxation, corporate services and offshore banking have come together to form a creative think-tank in order to find innovative solutions to tax optimization, Financial planning, safe keeping of assets, domiciliation services and management consultancy.

In Jukana we believe that it is the absolute right of any individual or corporation to employ all legal means possible to protect and grow their assets.

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