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Umeås Bagdad Bob - Anders Forss

Socialdemokraten Anders Forss  är en svensk motsvarighet till Bagdad Bob. Han är en mytoman, uppfinner egna begrepp och ljuger hellre öppet in absurdum om saker istället för att medge att han har fel.

Ett exempel rörande hans verksamhet jukana.com , en egen rörelse han startade 2005 efter att ha lämnat den bank han arbetat på (banken blev indragen och skyldig till stort skadestånd för skattebedrägeri mot engelska staten) ). Forss drev under perioden 2005 tilll 2009 jukana när han till slut tyckte det blev obekvämt på Malaysia och flyttade hem till moder svea.

Anders Forss (s) skriver : "Det är helt rätt att Jukanas hemsida beskriver hur skatteplanering fungerar rent schematiskt men jag har aldrig tagit på mig några sådana uppdrag inom ramen för Jukana utan precis spm jag anfört ägnat mig åt matchmaking och affärsutveckling vilket även det är verksamheter som beskrivs på hemsidan."


Verkligheten :

Presidents Message   Kuala Lumpur February 20th 2009

 Dear clients and friends, I write this message to you as we are, in what possibly is the worse economic downturn in the history of mankind.

A lot of companies has got bankrupt and either disappeared or been reconstructed, a lot of employees around the world has lost their job, most of us regardless on where, how and in which instrument we had placed our investments has lost money, some more others less, in short a lot of bad things has happened lately.

Out of all this we have to maintain a positive thinking and plan for the brighter future that lies ahead of us, and of course, as thinking human beings learn from the lessons we learn now and draw the right conclusions.

In everything bad, there is always something good, and I strongly believe that the main conclusion we can draw right now, is that a good plan for the future is essential in order to protect your financial future. So now more then ever before is the time to sit down recapitulate, think trough what is important in my future life, then make a plan that work in accordance with these conclusions.

As a matter of fact I forecasted already in August of 2003 that the world would go into recession during the later half of 2008, either I was just lucky to hit so precise, or it is as I want to believe, the result of my constant research of markets, and studies on the behavior of the players in the markets. Economic fact connected to our history combined with a big portion of common sense lead me to draw the conclusion above. Why? Yes simply because we lived in a world where people was so focused on fast and high returns that they where either willing to, or blinded enough not to see the risks. What I'm talking about is the fact that greedy bankers and bonus hungry traders created investment instruments with higher and higher risk involvement such as stock options, futures and sub-prime loans and made them tradable, and the only real winner where the traders and banks themselves. This kind of instrument is very much like a balloon, full of air, and once the air goes out it is useless. It is one thing when very big institutional investors place a very small part of their investment portfolio in this kind of instruments, and a completely different thing when the small investor place a big part of their investment in such instruments, and we have all seen the outcome of this greed, and a lot of people has lost everything they had due to this behavior. Anyhow this is why we at Jukana never include this kind of investment in our proposals, rather we recommend safe and stable investment instruments such as bonds, and mutual funds with diversified risk and well established risk-management.

At Jukana we have always included in our calculations that the world move in cycles, this is the main factor for the building of a strong financial platform that take in account both the current and the future financial situation. The Jukana way of planning build on the basic idea that it is better to protect what I have today, rather than dreaming of big and fast returns, and build your financial future on those dreams.

That is why our TOM- structure clients have gone relatively unharmed out of the current finical turmoil. Some of them have reached a stage when they where they may need to consume money instead of investing more, but all the same at least their savings are safe.

TOM- structures or Tax Optimization structures in its original form is normally a combination of components put together in order to minimize taxes, safeguard investments and protect all assets included in the structure. TOM- structures are very different from case to case and are tailor-made to suit the individual and his requirements, all TOM- structures are fully legal and comply with all applicable laws.

In Jukana we know that a situation where you pay zero tax is merly nothing else but just a dream, thou it may have worked in the old world. In the modern a rapidly changing world of today it is rather a matter of understanding that there is no way to avoid taxation, the question to ask is rather, how much tax do I need to pay? And when and where do I need to pay it? When we at Jukana structure a TOM- structure we take this fact in to consideration, and this is one of the reasons that our clients has passed trough the financial downturn relatively unharmed, simply because they have been able to minimize their taxes, and as a result of that there have been more money to save and invest than if nothing is done at all in the form of tax planning.

Jukana is a company that always think of tomorrow, knowing that there will always be a tomorrow regardless of if we as individuals are around or not. That is why we decided to put up an additional line of business in our company, namely the Global Marketing & sales of Organic Fertilizer. This is very much a product for tomorrow, we can see how the world moves away from chemical alternatives and how they have begun to favor more environmental friendly alternatives. All this is of course driven by customer awareness on the impact of artificial things. Even thou this is far away from our core business, it is still well in - line with our company motto and belief, "As you live today will have a great impact on your and your children's future".

All this said, I want to wish you all the best in your future life, and I hope to meet with you soon and have a discussion on how you can best reach the goals you have put up for your future.

Yours sincerely,

Anders Forss
President & CEO
Jukana International Sdn. Bhd.


"Since his retirement from the banking industry (2005) Mr. Forss has acted as the President & CEO of Jukana International Sdn. Bhd. working out of their base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since he joined Jukana, its business has grown extensively and Mr. Forss has helped a big number of clients around the world with First Class Tax Optimization structures."


Ooops ... how deep is the rabbit hole ?

Uppdatering - Anders Forss försöker med en liten rövare : 
Anders Forss : "Hemsidan och det som står där är inte från 2009 utan från 2005 Jonny – Ingen text är ändrad sedan 2005 på hemsidan."

Sanningen    : http://www.jukana.com/about-jukana/presidents-message.htm   daterat 20 februari 2009 och som bland annat talar om finanskrisen 2008 ...